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Empowering Video Series Launch!

I hope you're having a good month so far despite COVID-19. This month is an exciting one for me, because I'm launching a personal project that I've been planning for about a year.

As a Domestic Violence Survivor, my calling is to create empowering videos that can help other women, especially fellow survivors and their family/friends.

The goal for my YouTube channel is to share stories based on my personal experiences that can motivate a fellow survivor to keep looking forward to each day. These videos also shed light to the sensitive issue of domestic violence from my perspective, a Korean-American survivor.

Domestic violence cases are rising at an alarming rate, especially during the Coronavirus Pandemic. My biggest hope is to shine a light for others who are pursuing a happier and safer life after DV.

I hope you'll subscribe and let others know about my newest endeavor! Below are some videos I've made so far to give you a taste of what to expect. :)


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