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My Most Viewed Video in July

I hope you're wrapping up a wonderful July!

I did a quick YouTube analytics search to see which Kimbop TV video people watched the most this month, and here it is:

I didn't realize how beautiful and charming this little seaside village was until earlier this year. I guess many people like myself are looking to get away for a little bit or travel virtually via this video.

Travel vlogging has been a passion of mine for years, and next month I'm going on a weeklong trip via a special partnership which I'll announce soon. I'm excited to explore more parts of the U.S. and share my experiences with you!

By the way, I launched a new travel vlog series in July featuring my recent video to Columbus, Ohio!

I'll be putting together the next vlog in the series tomorrow to share with you on Monday.

Working on these travel videos has been a healthy escape for me, especially during this pandemic. And I'm so glad people are starting to join me virtually on my adventures. Thank you so much for watching and subscribing! :)



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