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About Kimbop TV LLC

I created Kimbop TV LLC in 2018 so I could work as an independent storyteller with likeminded partners.


김밥 (pronounced Kimbop) is a sushi-type roll with many ingredients. It represents my Korean heritage (I'm bilingual) and my diverse set of skills.

I'm passionate about empowering others through storytelling.

I can film, write, narrate and edit videos that my clients can use as tools to grow their businesses.

As a Domestic Violence Survivor, I also offer public speaking services in an effort to help raise awareness of this issue.

I currently work full-time at Torrance CitiCABLE, my hometown TV station, as a News Anchor and Supervising Producer/Writer. Kimbop TV allows me to do meaningful work outside of my neighborhood, and to travel whenever I can. 

Please contact me if you have a specific project in mind!

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