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A few years ago, I became a victim of domestic violence.

I was physically assaulted and severely injured.


But since that day, I chose to survive and embrace my second chance at life.

I create empowering videos that I wished I had to watch when I was healing.

My biggest passion is to use my voice to help others, especially fellow #DVSurvivors.

I work with law enforcement agencies and nonprofits across the U.S. to advocate for Domestic Violence Awareness as a Public Speaker and as a Video Creator.

I partnered with Chicago-based nonprofit KAN-WIN as the Keynote Speaker and Video Creator for the organization's 31st gala, helping to raise more than $65,000.

I work with detectives at law enforcement agencies across California. This is a look inside my trip to San Jose, where I played the role of a Korean human trafficking victim to help trainees become more culturally responsive.

Pastor Greg Mah from South Bay Community Church in Torrance, CA shared my survivor story as a part of his sermon to motivate his congregation to reach out for help if they are in similar situations.

I was a NBC Reporter for many years, and this was a special opportunity for me to share my story with NBC Asian America as a Survivor while working with a nonprofit called Center for the Pacific Asian Family.

I was a part of a Documentary Film called 'Light of Day,' and I flew to Dallas, TX to film this interview.

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