A few years ago, Christine became a victim of domestic violence.

She was physically assaulted and severely injured.


But since that day, Christine chose to survive and embrace her second chance at life.

She creates empowering videos that she wished she had to watch when she was healing.

Her biggest passion is to use her voice to help others, especially fellow #DVSurvivors.

Christine works with law enforcement agencies and nonprofits across the U.S. to advocate for Domestic Violence Awareness as a Public Speaker and as a Video Creator.

Christine partnered with Chicago-based nonprofit KAN-WIN as the Keynote Speaker and Video Creator for the organization's 31st gala. Her contributions helped KAN-WIN to raise more than $65,000.

Christine works with detectives at law enforcement agencies across California. This is a look inside her trip to San Jose, where she played the role of a Korean human trafficking victim to help trainees to become more culturally responsive.

Pastor Greg Mah from South Bay Community Church in Torrance, CA shared Christine's Survivor Story as a part of his sermon to motivate his congregation to reach out for help if they are in similar situations.

Christine was a NBC Reporter for many years, and this was a special opportunity for her to share her story with NBC Asian America as a Survivor while working with a nonprofit called Center for the Pacific Asian Family.

Christine was a part of a Documentary Film called 'Light of Day,' and she flew to Dallas, TX to film this interview.