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What to Eat at Koreatown L.A.

Koreatown Los Angeles holds a very special place in my heart. My mom and I used to drive here from Culver City pretty much on a weekly basis throughout my childhood. It's where we got our haircuts, shopped for groceries and where I bought way too many K-Pop albums before it became really popular in the U.S.

So it brings me great joy to share with you this video that I filmed, wrote and hosted in partnership with AAA Westways.

I spent a long day hitting three hotspots in Koreatown (also known as K-Town), getting to know each small business owner's personal story while tasting some of my favorite foods. You can read the details of each place I visit on AAA's website. Enjoy, or as we say in Korean, 건배 (gunbae: cheers!).


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