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Traveling to Prague During Coronavirus?

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) threats couldn't keep my husband and I away from Prague. We've been saving travel points for more than two years in anticipation for this vacation - a pit stop in New York on the way for a Tory Burch Summit, first class flight to Frankfurt, and business class to our final destination in Czech Republic. It all sounded so magical. But as our travel day got closer, we read the unfortunate news that the coronavirus had reached the Czech Republic. At the time, there were only six reported cases and they were spread out all over the country. We decided to take our chances and go ahead with our plans, making sure to pack some extra things to help prevent us from getting sick.

Here's how we're taking extra precautions while traveling.

1. Disinfecting Wipes

TSA let me through with this 110-wipe tub! We've been using it to wipe down everything - from the airplane arm rests and seat tables to the hotel room phone and remote control. Keep in mind though, that these wipes may bleach some items. So in the case of your smart phones, use a microfiber cloth instead.

2. Oregano Spirits

My friend in Canada told me about this. Instructions say to add water to it, but she and I both swear by taking a squeeze directly into our throats when we start feeling a little bit under the weather. I've bought it both at Whole Foods and via Amazon. It stings, but I think it really helps me to stay ahead of a cold when my immune system needs the extra kick!

3. Hand Sanitizers

Every single pharmacy and grocery store we checked in Torrance, New York City and Prague were sold out! Good thing we had these two. I carry one of these with me at all times - just in case there isn't a place for me to wash my hands. As a tourist in Prague, I touch a lot of things- parts of a bridge, a railing, etc. So they come in extra handy.

4. Tissues

I've never been good at carrying these around, but during this trip, I've been going through a lot of them! It's a lot colder in Prague, and that can lead to a runny nose. I'm trying not to touch my face with my hands, so I'd like to think that these tissues help me to stay clean while not endangering my face with germs on my hands.

5. Allergy Medications

I have severe allergy year-round. And if I don't deal with the symptoms properly (i.e. by touching my face with dirty hands), I can increase my chances of getting sick. So, I make sure to take my allergy medication every morning. I also have the generic version of Benadryl (not pictured) for the evenings, which helps me to fall asleep.

6. Vitamin tablets

This is a generic version of Airborne. I take this as my morning 'orange juice,' when I'm in a confined space at the airport, and whenever I'm feeling extra tired. My husband doesn't believe in them, but I've felt better after drinking this fizzy drink when I feel as if my immune system can use an extra boost.

As of the last news report I've seen, there are now 61 new coronavirus cases in Czech Republic. All schools are closed as are events with 100+ people. My husband and I visited the Prague Castle today, but now I'm reading that parts of the castle grounds will be closed starting tomorrow due to COVID-19. We're here for a few more days, but I'm wondering what else will happen during our stay here. Please connect with me on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates, and stay safe!!


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