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Top 3 Treats at 2019 Boysenberry Festival

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Knott's Berry Farm has a very special place in my heart. This theme park is a lot smaller than neighboring Disneyland, but it's filled with childhood nostalgia that can't be found anywhere else. It's where I rode my first roller coaster. It's where my husband and I visited every month while we were dating. And when my grandpa (who was like a father to me) passed away, Snoopy took his place and walked me down the aisle at Knott's Berry Farm Hotel.

A few years ago, my cousins and I began an annual tradition where we would check out the Boysenberry Festival together. Knott's offers a tasting card featuring culinary treats inspired by the boysenberry fruit. Every year, we look forward to what new dishes they create. This year was by far my favorite.

In conjunction with my new travel video, here is a breakdown of the three dishes that I enjoyed the most.

1. Boysenberry Dry Rubbed Flank Steak

This was so good that I used two of my tasting card tickets to eat it twice. The portion of the steak is pretty generous, especially compared to the Mac & Cheese and Jambalaya. The purple drizzle you see is Boysenberry Cream Cheese! Who thought cream cheese and steak would pair so well?! The fingerling potatoes were also perfectly seasoned. I would say this is the best bang for your buck.

2. Boysenberry Pot Roast

Can you tell that I'm a big fan of beef? The pot roast was very tender. The vegetables balanced out the greasiness (they later also included orange carrots in addition to the yellow ones you see here), and the purple mashed potatoes were a pleasant surprise! I wasn't expecting to like this dish as much as I did. The potatoes contain boysenberry seeds, but the overall taste is not overtaken by the fruit flavor at all.

3. Boysenberry Elote

This fancy corn on the cob is my husband's favorite dish. He liked it so much that he had it twice! I wasn't sure what to expect initially because as you can see, there is a lot going on. The corns are cooked over a grill, dipped in boysenberry sauce, rolled in cheese sprinkles then finished off in a pool of what I guess are boysenberry sprinkles. Surprisingly, the toppings aren't sweet at all- only the corn is. I also tasted just the right amount of butter and savored every bite.

The Boysenberry Festival at Knott's Berry Farm runs through April 28th, 2019. If you can make it, the Boysenberry Jamboree featuring Snoopy and his friends is worth a watch. Thanks for reading, and please watch my video to get a full taste of the festival!


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