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Kimbop TV is Now on Patreon!

I just launched my Patreon page! Will you check it out and consider supporting me? Here is the Intro Video I made for my future patrons on

I created Kimbop TV LLC last April to keep my passion for storytelling alive.

While I enjoy working with clients as a Media Coach and as a Video Creator, I began seeing an unexpected need. Community-focused and heart-filled story ideas got brought to my attention that I felt needed to be told. These were the types of stories that I loved covering the most as a TV Reporter. Unfortunately, they didn't have the budgets necessary to get them produced, so I spent my own resources to bring these stories to life. Here is one example:

Once made, these stories made a tremendous impact in our communities. The story above currently has 8.8K views and 100 shares. The results were completely unexpected. Here is another video where I paid homage to my retired high school teacher:

This year, as I focus on Travel Vlogging, I'm hoping to come across more human interest stories like these as well as videos that help you to explore new places with me. I'm in the process of building relationships with companies in travel and tourism sectors. While I'm working on paid partnerships with them, I'll be continuing to create videos on a weekly basis, and Patreon helps me to build a community of viewers who appreciate and support me. Will you take a moment to visit my newly launched page and consider supporting me?

Thank you for your encouragement! And please comment below if you have any questions or story/travel ideas. I'm always looking to engage with my supporters and find ways to get them more involved in my storytelling process. See you again soon!


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