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How I'm Staying Positive During Covid-19

Since returning from Prague and getting out of our two-week self-quarantine mode, I've been helping small businesses in my hometown by creating videos that can help boost morale online. Here are a couple of examples, and please subscribe to my YouTube channel for new videos every Monday and Thursday.

Alisa and Dave have a custom printing business that halted due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Instead of stressing out, however, they decided to use their personal contacts to get a large supply of hand sanitizers and N95 masks. They're selling them at affordable prices and offering free delivery to the elderly in the Gardena-Torrance areas. They're also giving away a free T-shirt with every hand sanitizer purchase.

Alan is a Realtor best known for planting thousands of American flags on front yards throughout North Torrance. Since the Covid-10 outbreak, he has no new businesses prospects, and he's struggling to pay his bills. Still, he paid for 4000 new flags to share with his neighbors for Memorial Day. He's asking for fellow North Torrance residents to help him plant the flags since social distancing makes it difficult for him and his friends to operate as they've done in past years.

If you have a small business in the South Bay area, please let me know how you're doing and if there's a way I can help you to share your story. :)


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