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Happy New Year!

Happy 2021~ it's a new year filled with new hope and possibilities.

I wish you happiness and great health. My husband Matty is a frontline healthcare worker, so I've been increasingly anxious as COVID-19 cases spiked here in Southern California.

I was possibly exposure to the virus several weeks ago and had to get tested- thankfully I am negative!

As I begin 2021, I'm trying to let go of the fear that often paralyzed me and step out with confidence knowing that things will get better this year.

I'll leave this blog short and sweet - I'm thankful for your support during this pandemic. If you're in a season of abundance, please consider becoming my Patreon chingoo (친구), which means friend. It's my most direct way of getting funded as an independent storyteller. As I navigate through this uncertain season as a small business owner, your patronage helps me to earn an income while I help those who can't afford to pay for my services. Throughout most of 2020, I've been working alongside struggling nonprofits and local business owners by creating videos that can help them to survive regardless of their ability to pay. I'm hoping to do more of this type of work this year as well as to continue telling stories as a Domestic Violence Survivor. As you may know, I launched a new video series last summer to empower other survivors and their loved ones.

This pandemic reminded me about the importance of doing meaningful and purposeful work. I want to leave a mark in this world that's more than 'likes' and views. I hope my videos - past, present and future - can positively impact someone's life when they watch it.

Cheers to bright new beginnings!




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