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3 Places I Cherished the Most in 2019

My biggest career goal for 2019 was to find meaningful work as a Travel Journalist. My passion for discovering new places and introducing familiar spots to viewers led me on an epic journey. Here are my top three destinations:

1. Hawaii

The last time I was in Hawaii, I was just out of college. The time before that, I was in middle school. So needless to say, my return to the islands was way overdue. This was the first time that I island hopped, from Maui to the Big Island to Oahu. It was also the first time that my husband and I came to Hawaii together. We celebrated our wedding anniversary on the Road to Hana and spent my birthday relaxing at Hapuna Beach. Chasing childhood nostalgia and making new friends were the highlights of my time there. You can read more about Hawaii via my blog, and new episodes from my Hawaii Travel Vlog series are currently premiering every Thursday on Facebook and YouTube!

2. New York

I once dreamed of living in New York City and working as a network news anchor. This year, I got a taste of what that life could've been like. I clocked in at ABC Headquarters in Manhattan for one week as a part of Asian American Journalist Association's Executive Leadership Program. Nightline's Juju Chang became my mentor, and I also had the pleasure of meeting Ginger Zee and Robin Roberts on the set of Good Morning America. Taking the subway to work every morning was simply a dream come true!

3. Reno-Tahoe

My husband did his residency in Reno, so I got a chance to see what his life was like before we met. We walked through the hallways at the hospital where he worked, and he took me on a scenic drive around the perimeter of Lake Tahoe. It was a peaceful trip filled with natural beauty.. I still can't believe how blue the lake is! Downtown Reno had an old Las Vegas vibe, and I loved indulging in an Awful Awful burger at the Little Nugget Diner.


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