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3 Highlights from Colorado

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to travel to Colorado for work! I've skied in Keystone and Vail several years ago, so I was excited to explore Boulder or Denver. Here are some of my favorite memories:

1. Pearl Street

My Airbnb host Yvette showed me around her hometown during my first day there. We shared a cup of tea at The Boulder Dushanbe Tea House and walked around Pearl Street. It's a four-block pedestrian mall with lots of shops and restaurants. Yvette's favorite store was Into the Wind, a colorful kite store, because her son loved going there as a child. I also enjoyed checking out The Boulder Bookstore, which carries 100K+ books inside of a three-story building.

2. Avery Brewing Co.

After wrapping on set for an on-air job I had with Decibullz, a couple of the crew members and I grabbed dinner at Avery Brewing Co. They wanted me to get a good feel of how locals hang out. We bonded over our shared passion for storytelling, and we spent a couple of hours enjoying their famous beers too.

3. Dazzle

I discovered Dazzle by chance. I only had one day to spend in Denver, and it started to rain when I arrived. I found refuge inside of this live jazz venue located inside of the historic Baur's building. Owner Donald Rossa gave me a tour, and I left with a deep appreciation for his effort to bring the community together.


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