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3 Goals for Kimbop TV in 2020

How has your January been? I can't believe we're already an entire month into 2020! I'm in the process of organizing and planning new content, and I wanted to share with you some of my biggest goals for this new year.

1. Be a Voice for Domestic Violence Survivors + Families

The main reason I started Kimbop TV LLC was to create a platform for myself to continue telling stories. I felt like I lost my voice after becoming a victim (turned survivor) of domestic violence and sexual assault a few years ago. This year, I'm dedicating a big chunk of my time creating personal vlogs and resources that can help other survivors and their loved ones. These issues are pervasive throughout Asian communities, but not many people choose to speak openly about them due to shame, triggers and other reasons. As a professional storyteller, I've felt convicted about not doing more to help others who are in need of what I can provide. If you'd like to support my work directly, I'd love for you to become my Patreon member. It's a platform that allow creators like myself to receive a recurring members-provided 'paycheck' while providing exclusive access and experiences to all patrons.


2. Post 2 Weekly Videos on Facebook & YouTube

I'm back to posting two videos again on Facebook and YouTube.. in addition to creating extra content for Instagram followers and Patreon members. I'm currently on my last leg of my island-hopping Hawaii journey on Thursdays, and on Mondays I'm starting to share vlogs from my hometown of South Bay (Southern California). I'm flexing my creative muscles to find new ways of showcasing and complementing my content each week.. so please stay tuned! :)

3. Get Personal

My biggest goal for this year is to genuinely connect with more people via Kimbop TV. The internet has been an amazing place for me to receive the kind of support I could never get anywhere else. For instance, my grandma passed away earlier this month. She was like a parent to me, and she helped raise me until I graduated from college. The outpouring of love and support from my Instagram and Facebook followers filled my heart during a time I felt so sad and broken.

I want to offer that type of love and support to my viewers on a weekly basis.. a connection that is both authentic and helpful. I'm starting off by sharing my most personal blogs and vlogs on Patreon, but I'm intentionally working on making all future posts and videos reflect the same tone. I want my posts and videos to lead to a trusting relationship, where I can be a source of comfort and entertainment to anyone that may come across it.


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