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Media Coaching

Even the most seasoned professionals fumble when it comes to public speaking.


Here are some examples:​

  • An engineer anxious about upcoming job interviews

  • A media spokesperson needing to stay on point while looking and sounding polished

  • A professor wanting to inspire a crowd through a speech at a banquet


Kimbop TV helps you to gain confidence and prepare for an upcoming interview or speaking engagement. Please contact us with your specific needs and to set up an appointment.

Below is a video from the Kimbop TV Helps series to help you:

Click on the pictures or scroll through to see if you identify with a scenario

  • For Media Spokespeople:

    • polish presentation skills (including tips on make-up and wardrobe)

    • get help developing and executing talking points

    • get feedback on current or pending media advisories/press releases

    • practice on-camera, review, and receive critiques

  • For Non-Media Professionals:

    • build confidence for job interviews and/or public speaking engagements

    • get help developing talking points and/or writing speeches

    • get help feeling and looking comfortable while staying on point

    • practice interviews in-person and on-camera with constructive feedback

    • receive personal attention via one-on-one or small group settings

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